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AFP TN, Southeastern Chapter: Fundamentals of Fundraising Series: Module 6 - Volunteers - Partners in Fundraising

February 5, 2013


Fundraising just wouldn't be possible without dedicated volunteers supporting the organization's efforts. Establishing and maintaining a respectful relationship with volunteers is both art and science, beginning with how they are recruited. This module will explore effective ways volunteers can be recruited, trained, managed, motivated, evaluated, and recognized. As importantly, there are times when volunteers are best included in the development process to ensure they experience a sense of ownership in the organization's work and can effectively perform their roles.

Objectives: After this module, you'll be better able to:

• Explain ways to use volunteers to help achieve organizational and fundraising objectives.

• Discuss the key elements of a structured process for identifying, recruiting, managing, motivating, evaluating, and 
retaining volunteers.

• Describe a model volunteer orientation program.

• Explain the board's role in fundraising.

• Describe methods for recognizing volunteers.


Sandy Rees is a fundraising coach and consultant with a  passion for showing small nonprofit organizations how to raise more money, strengthen their Boards, and build relationships with donors. She is an author and has written multiple books and learning products.  Sandy is an accomplished presenter and an AFP Master Trainer. She has led fundraising seminars for local, regional, national, and international audiences, including  New Zealand, Russia, and Jamaica.

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