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Past Programs - Southeastern TN AFP Chapter Meetings

2012/Jan 25 

Multichannel Fundraising

2012/Feb 22 

Cultivating Major Gifts

2012/Mar 28 

Best Practices in Fundraising: For Boards, Volunteers & Staff

2012/Apr 25

Digital Fundraising Everyone Can Understand

2012/May 23 

Strategic Stewardship for Planned Giving Programs

2012/Jun 27 

A Fundraiser's Homework Helper

2012/Sept 26 

The Mindset of Major Gift Work

2012/Oct 10 

Fundamentals of Fundraising Series: Module 1 - Overview of Fundraising

2012/Oct 22

Fundamentals of Fundraising Series: Module 2 - Developing an Integrated Fundraising Program

2012/Oct 24 

Re-thinking Annual Giving

2012/Nov 15 

Fundamentals of Fundraising Series: Module 3 - Marketing for Ongoing Success

2012/Dec 6 

Fundamentals of Fundraising Series: Module 4 - Building & Sustaining Relationships

2013/Jan 15 

Fundamentals of Fundraising Series: Module 5 - Securing the Gift

2013/Jan 23 

Legal Requirements and Best Practices

2013/Feb 5 

Fundamentals of Fundraising Series: Module 6 - Volunteers - Partners in Fundraising

2013/Feb 26 

Fundamentals of Fundraising Series: Module 7 - Management & Accountability

2013/Feb 27 

Major Gift Fundraising

2013/Apr 24 

Working with Volunteers

2013/May 22 

Powering Up Your Database

2013/Jun 26 

Roundtable Discussion TBA

2013/Sept 25  

Debunking the Myths and Simplifying Your PG Program

2013/Oct 23  

Engaging Donors

2013/Dec 11  

Raising Support from Millennials

2014/Jan 22 

The Whats, Hows and Whys of Soliciting you Major Donor

2014/Feb 26 

Creating a Fund Raising Board

2014/Mar 26 

50 Lessons Learned in 10,000 Days of Fundraising

2014/Apr 23  

Panel Discussion: The Secret Life of a Board Chair

2014/May 28  

10 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Bring In Lots of Planned Gifts Tomorrow

2014/Jun 25   

The Power of Thinking Big

2014/Sept 24  

New Trends in Philanthropic Behavior by Gender: Will Mars and Venus Converge?

2014/Oct 22  

Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising : Dramatically Transform all Your Asks!

2015/Jan 28   

AFP TN, Southeastern Chapter Meeting

2015/Feb 25 

Marketing to 4 Generations

2015/Mar 25  

Planned Giving in Layperson Terms

2015/Apr 22  

Raising More Money by Telling Your Best Story

2015/May 27  

The Paradigm Shift in Donor Relations

2015/Jun 24 

How to Stop the Development Churn

2015/Sept 23 

Preparing Your Volunteers to Make the Ask

2015/Oct 28  

Building a Philanthropic Culture